Entity-Based SEO

What is Entity-Based SEO?

Entity-Based SEO shifts the focus from traditional keywords to the broader concept of entities – these include people, places, organizations, and more. This approach helps search engines understand the context and relationships between different data, leading to more precise search results.

It’s about how search engines, especially Google, understand and link real-world objects and their attributes for more relevant search outcomes.

What is an Entity?

An entity in SEO refers to a distinct, identifiable thing, like a person, place, or idea. Search engines use these to accurately interpret web content, aiding in delivering precise search results.

The Importance of Entities in SEO

Entities are crucial for modern SEO. They allow search engines to go beyond keywords and grasp the real meaning of content. This results in more accurate search results and better online visibility.

Examples of Entities

  • People: Names like “Richard Branson”
  • Organizations: Companies like “Google”
  • Places: Locations like “Ha Long Bay”
  • Concepts or Ideas: Terms like “tolerance.”
  • Events: Occasions like “FIFA World Cup”
  • Products or Services: Items like “iPhone 15 Pro.”

Google’s Approach to Entities

Google’s focus on entities is about understanding human language and concept connections. This has revolutionized search results, making them smarter and more relevant.

How the Entity Model Improves Search

The entity model enables Google to comprehend content beyond keywords, resulting in more relevant search results. It uses a vast database of facts and entities to deliver quick, precise answers.

Google Services that Utilize Entity SEO

Google Search, the Knowledge Graph, Google Discover, Schema Markup, and Google My Business are some services that leverage entity SEO for better search results.

The Connection between Entities and the Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph is Google’s way of understanding relationships between entities. It’s a vast database linking facts about people, places, and things, enhancing the search experience.

Optimizing Your Website for Entity SEO

  • Use Wikipedia’s structure as a framework.
  • Conduct an entity audit to align content with Google’s entity understanding.
  • Update content with relevant entity terms.
  • Improve internal linking and create detailed content around key entities.
  • Monitor performance and adjust strategies based on analytics data.

Nedim Mehic

Nedim is a senior technical SEO specialist, and the co-founder of Beki AI. On the Beki AI blog, we share new and innovative strategies to SEO and content marketing.

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